Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & Survival

Emergency Preparedness UPDATED DVD provides important steps you can take to prepare for various emergencies: pandemics,disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, earthquakes, terrorism, radiation incidents, Ebola prevention, and much more. Be prepared for climate changes, natural and manmade disruptions. 90 Minutes
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Emergency Preparedness -- Awareness & Survival DVD

Length: 90 Minutes




Potentially life saving DVD provides important steps you can take and become self-reliant to prepare for various emergency situations topics include:

  • Weather-related disasters
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Blizzards
  • Floods
  • Wildland fires
  • Earthquakes
  • Power outages
  • Bio-terrorism
  • Pandemics
  • Avian and Swine influenza
  • Radiation emergencies
  • Other disruptions
    including Civil Unrest
  • Ebola prevention
  • Water
  • Food
  • Safety
  • Heat, light, power
  • Communications
  • Smartphones
  • Personal Locater Beacons
  • Sanitation
  • Disaster Plan
  • Pets
  • Shelter In Place
  • Pandemic
  • Terrorism
  • Climate change
  • Space weather

The news is full of stories about extreme weather related subjects such as record temperatures, drought, floods, heavy rain, high winds, lightning, hurricanes, blizzards, wildland fires, and many more events that we have no control over. Some experts say climate change is responsible for these extreme changes and we have only seen the beginning of extreme weather.

Society is also changing and with the change come reports of high unemployment, foreclosures, civil unrest, mass shootings, corruption, increased crime, global economic problems, and a general feeling of uneasiness. This informative, educ ational, award winning DVD focuses on the positive actions you can take to prepare you and your family for the unknown.

This timely updated program will give you a broad overview of how you and your family can prepare for the future. From food, water, communications, and other supplies, you can be prepared for the future knowing you have taken the time to develop a plan for your family. Many of the subjects in this program contain information that will help you be self-reliant and lower your stress in times of uncertainty by being prepared.

It is important to realize that no neighborhood is immune from the threat of natural and man made disasters. Your best chance of surviving these events is to be proactive about the health and safety of you and your family. We depend of the web of digital communications to keep us in touch and informed. These communication channels can be lost for periods of days, weeks, or months, in the event of widespread disruptions.

The purpose of EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - AWARENESS & SURVIVAL DVD is to bring you a feeling of confidence in being prepared for future uncertainty. This program is a vast resource of knowledge about survival methods and tools for your home, business, and community. If you must evacuate your home in the next five minutes, would you know what to take to give yourself the best chance of recovery? Don’t leave your safety and well-being to chance! This self-reliance DVD should be view and reviewed by your entire family and organization. Order now or ask your local library for this timly disaster preparedness DVD.

Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & Survival DVD is ideal for the public, CERT group, corporate HR, schools, libraries, ham radio operators, parents, businesses, emergency managers, law enforcement, fire departments, emergency managers, EMS personal, and government agencies.

Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & Survival is in use today by schools, libraries, emergency services, American Red Cross chapters, local, state and federal government agencies including the military and the public. Don't wait for a disaster to occur.Self-reliance is important for the entire family.  Learn what options you have today to be prepared for tomorrow.

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Essential information for your family's and business emergency preparedness plans


  • How to obtain and store safe drinking waterHow to be self-reliant
  • How to use a gas mask
  • How to use an escape hood
  • How to chose the right flashlight
  • How to detect radiation
  • How use a particle respirator for influenza and other disasters
  • How to cook safely during a disaster
  • What food to store for emergencies
  • NOAA All Hazards radio
  • How to build an emergency escape kit for both family and business
  • How to create a disaster plan for your family and business
  • Communications during a disaster
  • How to prevent Ebola infection
  • How to shelter in place or evacuate
  • Pandemics - how the flu virus gets in your body
  • How to remove radiation, heavy metals, petroleum from water
  • How to use a fire extinguisher
  • What is global warming and the effects on our daily lives
  • Emergency communications
  • The use of NOAA All Hazards Radio in times of emergency
  • How to obtain the latest news locally, nationally, and worldwide in a disaster
  • What foods to store, and how to store them
  • Alternative sources of emergency heat and power
  • How to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Alternative means of communications during telephone or power outages
  • What necessary supplies to keep on hand
  • How to care for your pet during a disaster
  • The use of GPS during an emergency
  • What is a dirty bomb?
  • What to do during a radiation accident
  • Bio terrorism
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers on cell phone
  • NOAA weather radio with SAME feature
  • Ham radio in emergencies
  • International ham radio communications from walkie-talkies to Internet
  • How to protect my family from Ebola 


Make vital decisions which will affect your family's welfare

See the Stills & Watch the Video! This must-see DVD can help you make vital decisions which will affect your family's welfare if a disruption occurs.

The threat of a natural or man made disaster is something no one wants to think about. Every day we read of natural disasters such as hurricanes, severe drought, wildland fires, power outages and floods. The effects of Global Warming will continue to be in the news as our climate changes. Space Weather can disrupt power grids and disrupt communications satellites.  Chemical spills and transportation accidents can release dangerous elements into the air in seconds. Learn how you can be notified of severe weather, local disasters, and dangerous events 24 hours a day.

Our world has changed since September 11th.

The threat of terrorism, both foreign and domestic, within the borders of the U.S. is real. Learn how to prepare for bio terrorism, dirty bombs, and other acts of terrorism. The threat of a global  Influenza Pandemic is in the news every day. Learn how a few simple steps can protect you and your family. 

Learn how to obtain clean drinking water from almost any source of water and remove radiation and heavy metals, learn how to store and use emergency food supplies, and learn what health and safety equipment you can have in your home. And if you must evacuate your home, you will learn how to prepare an escape kit that contains important papers, computer files, and and other valuable items for you and your family. 

Knowing what you and your family can do to prepare for any type of disaster will help reduce stress if a natural or man made disaster occurs. Having the proper supplies and knowing how to use them can make a difference between life and death in time of an emergency. The program will explain how to store food and water and you can have hot, tasty meals without electric power.



  • Water
  • Food
  • Safety
  • Heat, light, power
  • Communications
  • Smartphones
  • Personal Locator Beacons
  • Sanitation
  • Disaster Plan
  • Pets
  • Shelter In Place
  • Pandemic
  • Terrorism
  • Radiation
  • Climate Change
  • Space Weather



Video Clip Samples from Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & Survival DVD





This comprehensive guide to individual, family, and office preparedness for every conceivable disaster addresses the familiar fires, floods, and windstorms and the more far-reaching biological warfare, nuclear events, and pandemics. Complete plans for gathering emergency supplies are given, along with information on various types of water purifiers, flashlights, generators, auxiliary heating units, and respirators. Impressively researched and exhaustively presented, this video might be somewhat overwhelming to a typical family, though it is nevertheless worthwhile viewing. VERDICT Highly recommended for first responders and agencies that deal with emergency situations and an excellent program for service clubs, too.




"I’m recommending a new, comprehensive readiness DVD, "Emergency Preparedness: Awareness and Survival." This product is amazing for getting people’s attention.

This is a tremendous tool to help prepare the general public, as well as old hands in the business. I have to admit I learned quite a few new things when I went through this DVD. I recommend a number of books in the field of general readiness, but this is the first general preparedness DVD I’ve promoted in years. I’ve attached the trailer for it. The way it organizes the information in segments, so the user can focus on the topics they need at the moment, makes it a user friendly tool.

I’m not involved financially in any way with the Apogee Communications Group. However, I discussed this product with them. They put in their heart, soul and personal funding to make this DVD available at a reasonable cost because they come from the responder environment. In my work, if I could pick one multi-media tool to hand to someone in my family, community, my school, my house of faith, and my elected officials (so they would be more aware), this would be the resource of choice."  Rick Tobin

Rick Tobin has worked in the field of emergency response and management at all levels of government for over 35 years and is President of TAO Emergency Management Consulting in San Antonio, TX.   

Video Librarian Magazine

"The information in this densely packed program- aimed at helping people to prepare before disaster strikes- updates an earlier release adding the use of new technologies such as LED lights, smartphones, and tablets in times of emergency. The first item on the survival list is the most important: water. The EPA estimates that as much as 90 percent of the world's fresh water supply is partially contaminated, so even with a crystal-clear stream nearby, chances are high that the water may not be totally safe to drink unless treated. A number of purification techniques are shown here, including s

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